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Welcome, one and all (just me for the moment, obviously) to the Sacramento Role Player's Community! I am your moderator (for the moment, as I have never done this before) and I welcome anyone and everyone who has a love with role playing, video games, or general geekiness (such as myself). Feel free to post any ideas for RPGs, characters you find to be awesome, or if you're looking for a group or some new members for a dying campaign, feel free to come here. The role playing community I've belonged to for a while just up and died earlier this week, so I figured why not make one of my own? So here I stand, proud.

My only rule is that this community is here for fun. Don't flame each other because you think someone's character sucks or they don't live in the Sacramento region. We're all friends here. Let's have some fun and roll some dice! Hell, maybe I'll even try to start an online campaign going. Who's interested?
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