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Holy Diver, Star of the Masquerade

About me

Your moderator is going to post a little bit of info about himself. And he most likely won't be writing in the third person after the conclusion of this sentence.

Name: Sam
Age: 22
Location: Sacramento (duh), CA
Sex: Yes, please (also, male)
Occupation: none at the moment, looking to pursue a career in piano tuning or guitar repair or some other odd but interesting field
Relationship status: Single and tired of it...looking for that special nerd girl.

Hobbies/activities besides role playing I enjoy: reading, writing, listening to/playing/composing music, playing various video games (except FPS...blech), coming up with wild and crazy ideas for movies and never acting on them because I don't know enough other people to actually get one started.

RPG experience: As far as tabletop games go, I was introduced to D&D a couple of years ago, 3.5 Edition specifically, and I enjoy working with it. I also played the system based around d10 dice (I forget what it's called) briefly. So far, I've been in two D20 campaigns and one of the other type (Unicode or something like that, I forget). Sadly, our groups have never been able to keep a campaign going for very long.

Characters: Well, since I've been in all of three campaigns (and one was about a zombie apocalypse in the present day, meaning I played myself), I can outline the characters I've made. My first ever character was a badass barbarian who could kick a hell of a lot of ass. My proudest moment as him was being hit by a flaming barrel of oil, catching on fire, then raging, running up the ramp the barrels were being tossed down, and killing a large roomfull of kobolds. I've also made a cleric, and that was fun, and in a medieval superheroes-type of campaign, I played a multiclass Devoted Defender/Dwarven Defender double prestige class. It was pretty sweet.

I'm always looking for new campaigns to start or join. I haven't had any RPG experiences in several weeks, or months, I forget which. But I feel deprived. So anyone who's thinking about starting a D20 campaign, let me know. I'm also going to start developing my own campaign soon, so anyone interested in joining, I'm looking for somewhere between four and six players.

I suppose that's enough for now. I encourage anyone else interested in joining (or who have already joined) to post info similar to what I've posted.
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